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Scenario 1: Summer Time, Hot outdoors and you’re deciding to take that dip in the pool or just enjoying laying  next to the water and work on the natural skin darkening of the sun rays, not the cheetos orange color from the tanning booth , and you're on your iPhone 6 or 6+  playing your mobile game of bejeweled or facebook chatting through Talkz and sending friends the latest GodFather or Mr. White from Breaking Bad message, and they love it, they’re all laughing and sending back lol’s,  and at the same time some kid jumps in the pool and does a perfect cannibal and he could of only weighed 90 lbs soaking wet, and that's when you hear the


“SPLASH!” and “Baboosh!” 5 feet away. “Oh Know, it can’t be” , “how did this kid get me and my new iphone completely wet?” Your frantic, your new hair-do is wet, you’re drying it  with a towel, headed to the restroom to use the hand blower, and you get there and almost have a Conniption fit, as you say in your head at this moment of panic.


“Really?, are you serious? They don’t have a hand dryer?, Are we in 1995? their still using a cloth roller?” “You're Kidding right?, this must be an episode of punked.” But no Ashton Kutcher, he’s moved on to bigger things, like taking over Charlie Sheens Two and Half Men.

Scenario ends.


Now is this possible you’re probably asking yourself. And yes a little far fetched. But with a $700 investment covered in water, and a $150 - $200 deductible.  Is it worth taking the chance?


Bizzare things can happen. Never rule out the impossible scenario with your device. Because it’s safe to say even hanging out by the pool, with no intention to get wet, just the feet today, but this is the equivalence by chance of let’s say, walking through a desert and never encountering a snake.


And it’s possible snakes are smart enough to stay away from certain tourist trail walking area’s and warned all the other what 50,000  snakes or more, through telepathy that , “There’s an area guys we don’t want to be.” “I don’t care if there’s a pack of mice and we haven’t ate anything but scorpions for 6 months, we don’t go over there”.


Now this may be possible. just like sitting next to water with cannon balling kids who do what kids do and deliberately in the back of there little adolescent minds see who they can hit, that they have been watching, doesn’t want to get wet like, Mom or Dad who are just there to watch.


I know, I know, way over the top. But food for thought. And why this post is specifically to present, pre-reviewed and formulated with this in mind. $40 or less which is the high end, very high end in the world of competitive pricing for any and everything online.


Even versus the Costco $50 deductible insurance, and the best I have seen for No-Hassle Drop & Spill coverage , a loaner phone or a half a day to a day out of contacts, gaming, business calls or Twittering, as well as the time needed getting to and from the phone store, waiting in line, while some overly chatty sale’s person who happens to be the only one working and two people ahead of you.


Cause believe me when I say this, and you may already know through experience, with this type of day and scenario. “Sigh!”.


“When it rains, it usually Pours”.


So we have reselected, researched, and collected all reviewed consumer data, combined that for the best protective, water, drop, dust proof (or) resistant cases,  Also available protective case sleeves for the iPad device.


This is really important because of size, popularity and increase of Tab preferred users when on the go. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no comparison with the capability of a  Macbook versus what  iPad can do, in it’s entirety,  but the processing speed, ram, and capability with the Tab to do things like checking email, social media, gaming, or accessing information in your iCloud or iTunes on any shared device has made tabs/pads more attractive.  


Here are some common Key  factors: (If considering buying a iPad/Tab in the future.)


  • less bulk & weight on the go ( carrying hassle.)

  • Slim design  (easier to store)

  • Size factor ( 7, 8 or 10 in) Optimum for Gaming, Video’s, TV shows

  • Efficient processor (iPA 2 - A8X) 40% cpu increase from previous iPA1 (A7)

  • Aug 2015 (Official system IOS Jailbreak) If going with iPad


In regards to IOS Jailbreak This means able to download 3rd party apps.outside of the traditional secured Apple methods of rigorous 3rd party security measures that were in place where apps unlike Android system had to be approved and user downloaded only through the Apple store. Deflecting any independent malicious development and Piracy implementations that were strongly guarded by Apple to increase the profit and protection of the 3rd party developers creative rights. And why many independent application developers were only available on Android Google play store or Chrome Store.


This creates more opportunity  in changing IOS interface and customization that were not previously allowed for developers to create more user friendly software, enhancements and removal of annoyance. But also now allows hackers and malicious developers opportunity to create what is known as a virus and access personal, identification and even banking information, as well as Government, Police contracted spyware through various wormholes that Apple has always been known before Jailbreak to be the leading system protector for these type of common invasions experienced at a higher percentage with the Android system.

More detailed information on  wikipedia here. Official IOS Jailbreak Wikipedia


Be we gotcha covered for all Apple devices, for water and drop protection. Style, Swag and Stand out ability for the certified selected 3XS Case King’s approval. Also see reviews attached on each individual device.


The otterbox one of the more expensive in price has a solid reputation in protecting devices but it’s a noticeable weight. So depending on your personal interest I do recommend  the otterbox, which is hands down amongst the best cases for drop and sealed tight protection, but material heavy.


3 Features our recommended cases must have to be selected by Case Kings 3XS.


  1. Waterproof - (Not Resistant can submerge)

  2. Drop Proof - (For Slippery hand accidents)

  3. Good Reviews  (Proven success rate)

Best Water Proof/Resistant, Drop Proof Cases for Apple Devices.

Case Kings 3XS

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