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Best Drop proof Cell Phone Cases.

October 3, 2015

Avoid Damages, Deductibles and Accidental Cost.

Get the newest released cases for the fall season and protect your investment and prepare for the rainy and cold season. Your communication, whether  phone and (or) tab is something over 60% of Americans have or will buy and has become a primary source and extension of our day to day lives, and at the average cost of 500 - 750 plus an additional 100 - 120 a year in insurance coverage with an average deductible of 100-150 if damaged, stolen or lost, it only makes sense to think ahead and prepare for those just in case moments.

Case Study.S6edgecase.JPG

Case manufacturers have been putting  methods to the test and continuously studying the cause and effects of water damage, overheating, cracked screens and durability weaknesses over the last 5-7 years as to better overall prevention and cost in damages for the over 20% increase in Cell phone insurance claims since 2008

Advanced Technology

Time study and learning from previous design and understanding the consumers likes and dislikes has pushed technology to enhance and create a better protective form in various conditions as well as lighter but stronger materials and focusing on key factors proven to protect your investment from drop, spills, scratches, as well as internal damaging. This advanced technology has opened  a more affordable and reliable way to insure your device.


What is a provision? and exactly in translation how does this help the consumer? Well a provision in this article's meaning is simply an equivalent to a  military personnel contingency. Which is basically a backup plan  for the cautious, smart or relinquished insurance buyers who prefer to spend $20 - $40 one time on an average with a  1 year warranty for a solid waterproof, dropproof case versus $200 - $240 over the device contractual term, Knowing that most mobile companies protect any internal defects through manufacturers guarantees of replacement within 90 - 180 days in the case of processing or electronic component failure.    

What to look or look out for.

When selecting the best protective case for your device even at $20 it’s always good to apply the common knowledge aspects such as company status complaints, reviews, and one I always look for, the return rate. it seems overkill for a purchase at this amount but once a smart buyer, always a smart buyer. With cell phone cases there’s various reasons why consumers want to  what I call dress their device.

like a Barbie doll girls dress it for style and  (or) to match certain attire. Some women like a brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel Cases and guys like football  jerseys  may want to represent a Sports Team, and others may select for inspiration or design.

But this specific information can apply to anyone who like myself may tend to drop their device more than wanted or have kids, pets, career, hobby or  lifestyle where it just makes sense.

But whatever your purpose Case Kings is more than just a store format based on a style it's also based on purpose and thought from a consumer's perspective. We understand in today’s era of internet shopping that people appreciate relevant products, fair pricing and being  well informed before making a what should be confident decision .  


Here are a few selections to consider for protecting your device.



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Case Kings 3XS

Case Kings 3XS
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