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Latest iPod Touch 2015 Overview_See Black Friday Sales on Accessories





The latest iPod Touch released about four months ago, and  just got a little better, for those up on the latest and greatest devices, or if you're thinking about getting one for this holiday it’s the most  cost efficient without compromising processing capabilities, speed for gaming, or multitasking.


Apple priced this latest model at $199 for the standard issue 16 GB and also mentioned  back in mid July that there would be some shared features in the latest iPod Touch model, and also includes the A8 Microchip, built on top of a 64 bit internal architec.


The Audio sound system is said to be the same used in the iPhone 6 and with this conscription it definitely makes this device more advanced, competitive. and suitable to standards.The demand and trend align with the long wait.


But any smart trend setter knows, “what is rare is often more desired”, for example if you play with a kitten and dangle the toy mouse on the string but seldom let him have it, it’ll want it all day, it’ll watch for it, and wait to pounce, But if you just gave  it to them, time after time until it just realised its just all the same with slight variations of how you threw it to them, maybe even a bit faster, but in the the long run they don’t want it any more. They seen it too much.


And we have moved into a world of yearly upgrading and Samsung annual releases which funnels all the way down to some of the most ridiculous overabundance of YouTube reviews, comparisons, and non researchable non-sense. Some say do what Sale’s, I say do what you love, if you can.


And in most cases we end up doing what we have to, to survive and don’t enjoy by way of job, so we turn to entertainment and self-gratification in how many likes, or G1’s and twitamites that may follow. So this device as many others that may not hold the same weight as the apple name or iPod popularity, but I myself just like superior function and solid creation, that simply makes sense and reliably gives back what I pay for from a business perspective but I admit as well as the added entertainment option and why I’m also an Apple user, follower, and not just a monetary blogger. From a review, and unbiased  standpoint I would have to say by far this is the best Apple device and release that holds the most value to cost ratio, being that if needing to obtain this exact sound, if you choose your device strongly on audio ability per se, That would cost $749 for i6 or 6+, and if you chose for processing that would cost you at least $549 for any capable comparison with equivalent A8 M9 microprocessing, in terms of handheld devices, like the Gameboy System. or standard MP.


This Latest iPod Touch (6th Gen) 2015 Overview and also you can See Black Friday Deals on Accessories as well below, but as with many others that have started turning their entertainment preference towards mobile apps, and it’s ability to run MP3-MP4, Game apps, YouTube Videos, iTunes, accessing  iCloud , and syncing with other Apple devices you may have such as the Macbook or iPhone and home PC.




??(“Looking for? Deals on Macbooks. See under $200 for these Hot Deals!”)??

Apple MacBook Core2Duo 2.13Ghz 2GB RAM 160GB HD 13"





Now it’s not a new wave to see multipurpose user devices, we’ve moved away from the Sony CD players a decade ago, but more than ever we’re seeing growing demands for smaller but more sufficient handheld models like the MP3-MP4  Players and the PS Vita for on the go die hard gamers, so this latest version in comparison to the previous iPod processor does pack a lot more power, value and speed, which boasted is 6X’s faster than the 2012 released Apple iPod.  

iPhone Pink Apple 6th GEN.png

I would say just as effective now as using an iPhone 5S or 5C but several hundred dollars less minus the Phone calling capabilities.


But keep in mind that various applications provide Wifi calling, although not as reliable, but most come with a free number, texting, and calls within the US, others may charge a small fee for a better service bandwidth, and Voice Mail.  It usually ranges from $4.99 - $19.99 Starting and up for Business Services or Personal, and Voip.

Many Phone companies as well as Apple Wifi Services


See YouTube video for a live view if you haven't seen it in action.

2015 Apple iPod Touch (6th Gen) Get the Apple iPhone 5S starting under $200

“Customize Your iPhone and design a case that fits you!”



iZERCASE Personalized Custom Picture iPhone 6, iPhone 6 PLUS, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Rubber Case YOUR IMAGE HERE YOUR PICTURE HERE




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Oct 5, 2015

Celebrity Cases. See what they use. Does money and status elevate the interest in Expensive taste or Down to earth? It's just a cell phone case right? Well that's what we're going to look at as I dive into this curiosity.


Now celebrities are known to set trends in fashion, design, perfume's, shoes, and we all follow closely or pay attention to what the stars wear, promote or how they live their millionaire lifestyles . Now we use to watch MTV cribs back in the day, and you can even go further back to the beginning of Cash and celebrity gazing with Ed Mcmahon who gave us an insight of the  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.


Now we've implemented this tactic, which actually once upon a time was a private sector, like a Beverly Hills Tennis Club that’s only open for the eyes of the wealthy, and stars for the most part did not and still some don’t want their private lives and homes revealed as a public spectacle and for the most part kept this very guarded. Nelly for example was bombarded with hundreds of music demos after doing an episode of Cribs at his then St Louis estate on the river,

But this over 20 - 30 years have changed and showing what your worth definitely increases the fan base, and also ironically what they're worth. This transparent  and ostentatious transformation has created a world of Star Powered Magazines, Award shows , TV shows, Blogs and of course the most heightened introduction in the last 10 years of them all, Reality TV. The Kardashians are probably the most successful, self created, Non- talented, but relevant to the era of life peepers. The Real World set off the group scenarioand Housewives of Athletes and prominent American Cities have grown in interest. You know there use to be a time where you actually had to be more than  a Public Enemy or a burnt out rapper to make a hit show, but things change.


Pretty fascinating and bizarre but millions love and follow the celebs lives , so I just wanted to dig in , research and out of curiosity find out if celebrities in regards to their cell phone accessories have a different taste, customized preference like female rap phenom, “Nicki Minaj”. Maybe Lil Weezy and Birdman put real Bling, Gold or Platinum on the cases.  I know highly sophisticated Multi Millionaire wives spend tremendous money on their Pet's jewelry, dog houses, attire and even real 18 Karat gold on the water bowl. So who know's.


But I mean the fan favorite's like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kanye West the Louis Vuitton Don, who Like Pharrel 10 years ago never seen anywhere without an LV Custom, but now switched up and wears a Gilligan hat on the TV Show “The Voice” and looks as if he's on the island with Skipper and Ginger waiting on someone to rescue him. But instead of food and water or the reprieve of desolation, to have a bag of fashion sense when they arrive. But Maybe Tom Ford will customize a phone case to go with the shades for Jay Z.  What does Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt use on their cell phones? Maybe a rainbow color case with the words, “Save the Children” inscribed. I think that would be pretty cool.


Well that's what I wanted to find out and share with those that may have a common curiosity. Maybe celebs are just like me and you and order online, or when out shopping for that latest and greatest Coach bag, they  just add the case to match. That’s Hot.



And speaking of the latest and greatest something cellphone sales associates say a lot, do you think when it comes to actually purchasing a cell phone that some celebs actually go out and get it, test it,  play with it before they buy? You know  like regular customers. Because you always hear how Jewelry stores and antique stores shut down for the public when Mega Stars like Mike Jack is on the scene.  

Probably not but an Interesting thought, cause I was thinking If you were a high status millionaire star who faced the possibility of a stampede in the mall going to do that, would you just send out an assistant to go retrieve a few trial models of your favorite selections for cell phones? Or just deal with the extra hour of signing autographs or be considered bitchy or rude for just wanting to  be normal and shop in peace?

Okay enough already right? So here's what I found out in my research of Celebrity Cell phone Case hunting for the topic “See what they use, Down to earth or Expensive taste?” So I picked 9 celebs and source provided images, with their cell phone cases, because the best way to know is to see it in real life form. Kinda like Reality TV..  

Subscribe for our weekly Blog and Monthly In-Store $20 Case-Cash Giveaway. It’s easy just subscribe and you could Win. 10 winners a Month are selected to receive a New Case.


Maybe one quiz question to make it interesting..Kidding! Just subscribe and you will be entered to win. .We just throw your name in a bag, shake it up, pull 10 names and email the winners within 24 hours. It's that simple.


Best Regards!

Case Kings 3XS.



Justin Bieber working out getting Buffed. Case look Rated: Down to Earth.

Rihanna with Tupac Case Posted up Hat to the Back.

Rated: Down to Earth

Reese Witherspoon caught Twice. Pink & Green Basic.

Rated: Down to Earth

Beyonce with the custom Yonce iPhone looks Nice.

Rated: Expensive Taste



Paris Hilton with Gold Trim Supersize Phone Custom inscribed  with the words

QueenofF@#*%GEverything. Rated:Expensive Taste

And Last But not least, Angelie Jolie as Herself. Now if that’s not Expensive Taste I don’t know what is.

Rated: Expensive Taste

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Best Drop proof Cell Phone Cases.

October 3, 2015

Avoid Damages, Deductibles and Accidental Cost.

Get the newest released cases for the fall season and protect your investment and prepare for the rainy and cold season. Your communication, whether  phone and (or) tab is something over 60% of Americans have or will buy and has become a primary source and extension of our day to day lives, and at the average cost of 500 - 750 plus an additional 100 - 120 a year in insurance coverage with an average deductible of 100-150 if damaged, stolen or lost, it only makes sense to think ahead and prepare for those just in case moments.

Case Study.S6edgecase.JPG

Case manufacturers have been putting  methods to the test and continuously studying the cause and effects of water damage, overheating, cracked screens and durability weaknesses over the last 5-7 years as to better overall prevention and cost in damages for the over 20% increase in Cell phone insurance claims since 2008

Advanced Technology

Time study and learning from previous design and understanding the consumers likes and dislikes has pushed technology to enhance and create a better protective form in various conditions as well as lighter but stronger materials and focusing on key factors proven to protect your investment from drop, spills, scratches, as well as internal damaging. This advanced technology has opened  a more affordable and reliable way to insure your device.


What is a provision? and exactly in translation how does this help the consumer? Well a provision in this article's meaning is simply an equivalent to a  military personnel contingency. Which is basically a backup plan  for the cautious, smart or relinquished insurance buyers who prefer to spend $20 - $40 one time on an average with a  1 year warranty for a solid waterproof, dropproof case versus $200 - $240 over the device contractual term, Knowing that most mobile companies protect any internal defects through manufacturers guarantees of replacement within 90 - 180 days in the case of processing or electronic component failure.    

What to look or look out for.

When selecting the best protective case for your device even at $20 it’s always good to apply the common knowledge aspects such as company status complaints, reviews, and one I always look for, the return rate. it seems overkill for a purchase at this amount but once a smart buyer, always a smart buyer. With cell phone cases there’s various reasons why consumers want to  what I call dress their device.

like a Barbie doll girls dress it for style and  (or) to match certain attire. Some women like a brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel Cases and guys like football  jerseys  may want to represent a Sports Team, and others may select for inspiration or design.

But this specific information can apply to anyone who like myself may tend to drop their device more than wanted or have kids, pets, career, hobby or  lifestyle where it just makes sense.

But whatever your purpose Case Kings is more than just a store format based on a style it's also based on purpose and thought from a consumer's perspective. We understand in today’s era of internet shopping that people appreciate relevant products, fair pricing and being  well informed before making a what should be confident decision .  


Here are a few selections to consider for protecting your device.


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